Common Sliding Window Sizes

October 11, 2010

Sliding windows, or gliding windows as they are sometimes called, are popular because they are easy to operate and offer an unobstructed viewing area. They are available in many standard sizes that usually fit most existing window openings in a home, but if you happen to have a unique sized existing opening, there are window companies with the ability to build custom sliding window sizes. If you have a window opening that is wider than it is tall, a sliding window might be the perfect choice for that location.

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Common Sliding Windows Sizes

Sliding windows are used in many different applications so they are available in a wide array of standard sizes. Many homeowners prefer using sliding windows to provide a panoramic view and in these situations the windows might be very wide, but not very tall. Other homeowners use sliding windows to replace traditional double and single-hung windows to give their home a more contemporary appearance. To fit these openings, a tall and narrow sliding window may be required.

Common sliding windows sizes often range from 40 inches to 56 inches wide and 32 inches to 48 inches tall. However, you should be able to find many standard sliding windows that are wider and taller than this range and smaller standard sized windows are also available. If you're using sliding windows in a bedroom, don't forget to check your local building code for egress requirements.

Custom Sliding Window Sizes

Some window companies have the capability of building custom sized sliding windows and can even offer special configurations such as two stationary panels and one operable panel. No matter what sized window openings you have in your home there is a good chance a standard sized sliding window is available and if not, a custom window can be built.

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