Window Shades for Sliding Windows

October 11, 2010

If you have a relatively small sliding window, your options are unlimited and you can choose any style of window shades. Wood blinds and standard venetian blinds can be unwieldy on larger sliding windows, so homeowners often opt for vertical blinds or sliding window panels.

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Considerations When Selecting Window Shades for Sliding Windows

  • Decide how often you will be covering your sliding window. If the sliding window faces an enclosed, private back yard, you may rarely close your window shades or blinds. If so, you can choose almost any style that suits your décor. If you need more privacy at your sliding window, you may want to choose vertical blinds or window panels that are thicker and close tightly.
  • If you are concerned about losing energy through your sliding windows, consider choosing a window shade in a honeycomb or cellular fabric that has extra insulation.
  • If you have an extra wide sliding window, you may want to consider purchasing an automatic, remote controlled system for opening and closing your window shades.

Window shades for sliding windows can be more costly than other window treatments simply because they are often taller and wider than standard windows and will require larger window shades. Bargain companies, though, offer vertical blinds for as little as $30. Blinds and window shades can go up in price to $200 or even more depending on the quality and style.

Covering your sliding windows with window shades may be a necessity, but you should make sure to choose a product that is easily moved so you can enjoy your view as much as possible.

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