Sliding Window Prices and Costs

October 11, 2010

Sliding windows--also called gliders or sliders--can give you an unobstructed view to outside your home. Popular choices for sliding window frames include wood, vinyl, aluminum, and wood clad. The frame material you choose,as well as the manufacturer, quality, type of glazing material, and window's size all affect the sliding windows prices and costs. Don't forget that installation accessories, optional accessories such as extended jambs, and hardware will also come out of your budget.

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Some sliding window manufacturers offer a choice between sliding window models. There are gliding windows with a swinging sash that makes cleaning the exterior of the window easy and allows for full ventilation. There are also sliding windows with multiple moving sashes. All of these model options will also affect pricing.

Sliding Windows: Prices by Size and Material

The below prices will give you a rough idea of how much vinyl sliding glass windows cost. Custom-sized sliding windows are available from some manufacturers at no extra cost.

  • 2' x 2': $45-$65
  • 3' x 2': $55-$110
  • 4' x 2': $80-$100
  • 3' x 3': $85-$130
  • 4' x 3': $145-$165
  • 5' x 3': $175-$200
  • 4' x 4': $175-$200
  • 6' x 3: $180-$210
  • 6' x 4': $200-$230

Keep in mind that prices for various frame materials and custom functionality will affect costs. For example, one 5' x 3' 6" gliding window from the same company can cost $330 each or $927 each depending on the quality and your need for options such as low-e4 glass and self-lubricating Teflon (r) glides.

Optional Sliding Windows Prices and Costs

Depending on the manufacturer, you may be able to add options such as:

  • Custom color
  • Dual-pane glass, low-e glass, decorative glass, and more
  • Decorative grilles or blinds between the panes of glass
  • Insect screens

Sliding window options add up quickly. Be sure to price out options separately and get multiple quotes.

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