Top Sliding Window Colors

October 11, 2010

Choose the same color for both the inner and outer windows, or mix and match with wood, painted metal, even materials like canvas. Your sliding window colors are as unique as your home itself and right in line with your design goals. Explore the ways you can use color to help your new windows stand out from the rest.

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Top Sliding Windows Colors Inside and Out

Your new sliding windows may be the first thing others see when visiting your house, and fresh colors make a great impression. Can't choose what color to make the outer frame? Some companies allow you to create custom matched sliding window colors, giving you the ability to match your sliding windows with the exterior of your home.

Sliding glass window cost varies strongly on manufacturer, materials, and upgrades, and can range from $100 to upwards of $1,000 per window. Installation adds on to the price, ranging from an extra $200 to $400 per window.

Choose Among Top Sliding Windows Colors and Finishes

Interior wood grain finishes are one way to add some classic warmth to the room and coordinate with existing furniture and color schemes. Popular wood finishes include almond, cherry, golden oak, and walnut. Some companies offer stainable wood, allowing you to match your sliding window frame perfectly to the rest of the room.

Finishing Touches for Sliding Glass Windows

Once you've picked your sliding window colors, you can choose your accessories to match. Finish your sliding windows with accents that complete the look of your new upgrade. You'll find that hardware, grids, and frames are available in colors matching your windows. For a more classic look, choose unpainted brushed metal for your hardware and accessories.

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