Window Blinds for Sliding Windows

October 10, 2010

Sliding windows are some of the most blind-friendly models available. Whether open or closed, they remain flush with the wall, leaving no impediment to the blind. That said, the double-wide sliding window frame can present some challenges for installation. Here's a quick guide to selecting and installing window blinds for sliding windows.

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Selecting Window Blinds for Sliding Windows

Most window blind styles work with sliding windows. For ease of sliding access, many homeowners match the orientation of the blind to the orientation of the window slider. In particular, vertically-sliding windows work well with vertically-sliding blinds. The matching slide allows you to access the window without opening the blinds all the way. Vertical blinds are especially popular for sliding glass doors.

Installing Sliding Window Blinds

Since sliding windows have a much thicker frame than fixed or casement windows, they can take up most of the header. In many cases, sliding windows leave little room on the header for installing window blinds. Alternatives to the traditional bulky inside-mounted window blinds include:

  • Outside-mount slider above the window frame. To minimize the bulky appearance of an exterior-mounted slider, choose a window covering system with multiple blinds mounted into one headrail.
  • Paper or fabric pleated shades. These lightweight window blinds feature a low-profile mounting piece that can fit inside even a narrow header.
  • Peel-and-stick inside mounts. This sleek installation style allows you to use the vinyl or plastic frame of the sliding windows as an installation base.
  • Between-the-glass blinds. Eliminate the installation issue by choosing double-paned sliding windows with blinds installed between the panes. These enclosed blinds don't collect dust or allergens, making them ideal for a kitchen or bath area.

The cost of window blinds for sliding windows varies widely depending on the style you choose; contact a home supply store, vendor, or window contractor for a quote.

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