Window Accessories for Sliding

October 10, 2010

Horizontal sliding windows or gliding windows are essentially single-hung windows turned sideways, so your accessory options may be the same but your hardware options may be a bit different. Be sure to know what your current window hardware is if you're searching for replacements and check both window types' available options if you're shopping for accessories for new sliding windows.

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Functional Window Accessories for Sliding Windows

Though some accessories, such as window screens or extension jambs, can be added to your existing window, many window accessories for sliding windows need to be added during installation. Your options for accessories may include the following:

  • Exterior casing is weather-resistant molding made of vinyl or vinyl-covered wood that you nail through during installation.
  • Window screens can keep bugs out but still let light and air in.
  • Extension jambs extend the jamb around your window to make it deeper. These can be installed to new windows at the factory.
  • Continuous drip caps protect your window's frame from water settling in.
  • Side jamb clips can make any installations you do yourself easier.
  • Sealants come in different colors to match your windows' frame. And, they can stop water seepage and improve insulation.

Hardware & Decorative Window Accessories for Single-Hung Windows

You'll want to make sure you can open and lock your sliding windows. The price of any hardware accessory will vary according to function, quality, and finish. You have some options when it comes to handles, including a rotary handle/crank or a passive sash handle. You can buy a sash handle for $5-15 each and a matching a sash lock for between $1 and $15. Finishes may include satin or polished nickel, white or black enamel, distressed or oil-rubbed bronze, polished or antique brass, and more.

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