Sliding Replacement Windows Benefits

August 12, 2010

Sliding glass windows, also known as slider windows, can give your home a clean, modern look and are often desired for their large, unobstructed views. Unfortunately they can also wear out quickly, especially if the slider window is large or in an area where it gets a lot of use. There are three easy ways to determine if the time has come to install sliding replacement windows.

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Sliding Glass Windows and Air Infiltration

One of the prices you pay for the beautiful views provided by slider windows is they are often one of the first types of windows to allow air infiltration into your home. A good way to test your window is to lock it securely on a windy day and run your hand around the inside of the frame. If you can feel air infiltration, it may be time for sliding replacement windows. Outdoor air entering your home can dramatically increase your heating and cooling costs.

Ease of Operation of Slider Windows

Slider windows that are difficult to operate may not cost you money like unwanted air infiltration, but it can be extremely aggravating if it is a window you open and close a lot. Frequency of use can be a contributing factor to a sliding glass window becoming difficult to use as the operating panel may become loose in the frame and off-level when moving. Some slider windows allow minor adjustments, but after a while they may not be enough and replacements may be in order.

Operational problems can also be attributed to improper window installations. Slider windows often require a window contractor or DIY homeowner with window installation experience to install and adjust the window correctly.

Sliding Glass Windows and Security

Slider windows that don't open and close properly may be difficult or impossible to lock. Placing a wood block in the track to prevent the operable panel from opening can be a temporary repair, but for security purposes all of your windows should be locked with the appropriate window hardware. If your window locks are wearing out or you can't adjust your slider windows into the locking position, it may be time to replace them.

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