Options for Sliding Windows

January 06, 2010

Sliding windows offer the most effortless operation of any window in the industry. Older sliding windows do have a reputation when it comes to disadvantages. But manufacturers have heard the pleas of homeowners who are looking for convenience, unobstructed views and large expanses of glass, and they have upgraded options in sliding glass windows.

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Tilt Option

Homeowners found sliding windows to be oh-so convenient to operate, but inconvenient to maintain as it was difficult to access the exterior for cleaning. Typically, double hung windows are the easiest to clean with the best access, but now sliding windows are offering tilt options to make exterior cleaning a snap.


Typically, sliding windows are thought of in their least expensive option of the aluminum frame. Upgraded frame materials include paint or stain grade wood that makes a more seamless transition to traditional décor.

Lift Out Convenience

Consumers demanded it so manufacturers offered it - windows are now offered in a convenient lift out option to remove windows from their tracks for complete cleaning access.


While typically sliding glass windows are used to offer unobstructed, expansive views, homeowners wanted the option to add an element of privacy. Glass patterns can be used to add privacy without compromising the natural lighting. While frosted glass has been the only option normally offered in the past, over forty new options in glass privacy patterns have been introduced recently.

Improved Sliding

Sliding glass windows are frequently being referred to as gliders and there's a reason for this. New improved sliding systems offer seamless operation for a gliding feel rather than the sticky situations of the good, old days.

Sliding windows have come a long way from their humble commercial roots, and homeowners are starting to take notice of this much improved old standard.

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