How to Install Sliding Windows

October 10, 2010

For the simplest installation of sliding windows, you can buy new windows of the same size, remove the old sashes, clean the glider channels, and insert the new ones. However, there are times when the whole assembly needs to be replaced. The following takes the installation process a step further:

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How to Install Sliding Windows from Scratch

1. Take precise measurements and buy the replacement window assembly. Your home improvement store will help you get this just right.

2. Remove the old sashes. Carefully extract screws holding the old frame in place. Loosen the old frame, avoiding damage to the surrounding opening.

3. Insert the new frame provisionally to check the fit. If it fits, fine. Otherwise check back with the store.

5. If the new frame fits, remove and add flashing tape all around the rough opening to provide a seal followed by caulking beads applied slightly inboard of the outer and inner dimensions of the new frame.

6. Insert the new frame and attach it with the appropriate screws. These are normally provided with the new window assembly. Work on level and plumb with a carpenter's level adjusting the screws and possibly adding shims to make necessary changes. When all is correct, fasten all screws firmly.

7. Apply another bead of caulking to all edges of the frame both inside and outside. Smooth the caulking to achieve a clean seal. Clear away any messy excess.

8. Insert the new sashes and test for smoothness of glide.

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