Three Ways to Brighten Your Home with Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

August 14, 2010

Aluminum sliding glass doors are one of the most economical ways to let a lot of light and fresh air into your home, and you can even use them to let people and pets in, too. Sliding glass doors are like large windows with expansive glass panels that seem to allow nature right into your home. Aluminum sliding glass doors can be an attractive addition to any room in your home, but a few of the more popular spots are:

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Eat Your Breakfast with the Backyard Wildlife

Installing a door in your kitchen or breakfast room can let you eat while watching the backyard birds and squirrels or keep an eye on the family dog while he frolics. On those warm spring and autumn days you can even open your new doors and hear the birds singing while drinking your morning coffee.

Turn Your Family Room into a Sunroom

Install a set of aluminum sliding glass doors in your family room to brighten it up on dreary winter days or install several sets of new doors to feel like you're sitting outside in the sunshine. You can turn off the air-conditioning and open the doors on those cool summer nights to freshen up your entire home.

No More Dungeon Feel to the Basement

Aluminum sliding glass doors may be the solution to your basement's dark and damp atmosphere. If you have an above grade framed exterior wall in your basement, a door installation might be a way to brighten up a traditionally dark area of the house and add some fresh air at the same time.

Installing a Door in your Home

Experienced DIY homeowners might choose to do their own door installation, but you can also let a window contractor do the dirty work. Installing a door usually involves some minor framing changes and then touching up the exterior siding and interior drywall. A window contractor can often take care of all phases of the project including the cleanup.

Door prices can start as low as $200-$400, but vary depending on the area of the country you live in and the door size you choose. Standard sizes for new doors are usually 6 feet 8 inches tall and 4, 5, or 6 feet wide and custom sizes are often available at higher costs. Start communing with nature by installing a few aluminum sliding glass doors in your home.

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