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Sliding windows slide open and closed horizontally, not in or out on a hinge. The most common type of sliding windows consists of two panes of framed glass, or sashes, mounted and installed on parallel rails in a window frame. Because sliding windows move horizontally, gravity doesn't work against them. This is an advantage because they won't suffer a failed spring, like a vertical window. If you're considering sliding windows for your home, read the articles below.

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From drive-thru windows to sliding windows on trucks, this window style keeps turning up. Sliding windows can even be doors with only a slight change of hardware. When a complete opening isn't necessary or surrounding area limits inward and outward opening, sliding windows offer the most versatility. Rectangles that are wider than they are tall are quite a bit more common in home design than their more vertically oriented brothers. Take, for example, a window tucked in above a shower. You want light and you want airflow, though perhaps only enough to clear out the steam. A sliding window provides these and the opportunity to use the windowsill for various shower accouterments, without sacrificing an ounce of privacy.

Unlike their vertically oriented cousins, single- and double-hung windows, sliding windows require no counterbalancing or locking to stay open, which minimizes bulky framing and allows them to fit in trickier spots. While larger sliding windows may use some counterweights to facilitate sliding their heavy panes, this hardware is more of a luxury than a necessity. The framing also has the stylish advantage of being vertically oriented, which gives your home a taller, stately look.

Another advantage comes when sliding windows are placed on either side of a larger, fixed window, like a picture window. The sliding sashes move inward, covering the area of the fixed window. This allows for more airflow--twice as much, actually--than if the picture window had single- or double-hung windows framing it. In this situation, sliding windows outclass casement windows. These windows cost about as much as typical single-hung windows, yet they look nicer and perform better as replacements.

A window is an opening in a wall or door which enables the flow of light, air and even sound. Usually this window is covered with glass or some other material. And the window is kept in place with the help of a frame. Sliding window ideas are yet another thing to consider for you home for both variety and aesthetics.

There are many varieties of sliding window designs from which to choose. While considering the many sliding window ideas available in the market today, several criteria must be taken into consideration. These include the type of material from which the window is made as well as the particular function of the sliding window.

Sliding window designs must suit the place and should be a color which complements the surrounding decor. Sliding windows utilize much less space which is particularly beneficial if space is very limited in your home.

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