Single-Hung Windows - One Fixed Pane, One Slider

January 26, 2009

Single-hung windows are everywhere. They adorn new homes and old homes, alike, across the country. With one fixed pane and one slider, single-hung windows are a simple, well-designed choice for any home. If you are looking for a traditional choice that won't set you back as much as most other window styles, look no further. These windows can be used as replacements for all but the largest openings. They come in a variety of styles to match your home, your needs, and your budget.

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In cases where airflow isn't an issue and there's simply no room for windows that open inward or out from the wall, a single-hung window could be the best solution for you. Because it's the bottom sash that slides up and down, these windows allow the windowsill to sit flush with the bottom of the frame, just in case you need to let a pie cool on your classic-looking windowsill. The minimal amount of hardware necessary for a single, vertically sliding sash reduces the cost and complexity, which keeps maintenance costs low thanks to the limited number of moving parts.

More contemporary hardware options include removable sashes, which facilitate cleaning, and the ability to tilt, as well as slide, the moveable sash. While older models of this window style relied on friction or unsightly locking mechanisms to keep the window open, a sleek counterbalance system built into the frame is the way to go for new windows. Building materials vary for these windows, but if you want premium quality, energy-efficient windows that will last for years to come, vinyl is your best bet.

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