Single Hung Windows are Sensible and Straight Forward

January 03, 2010

Single hung windows are normally considered the red headed stepchildren of the window world. These are the traditional windows many of us grew up with, the windows in which the upper portion, the sash, is fixed in place while the lower portion raises and slides over it to open. You know, the typical window.

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But the popularity of double hung windows has threatened the very existence of single hung windows. Double hung windows offer both upper and lower sashes that operate to add ventilation. They're particularly preferred to limit access to the open portion in homes with children. The installation of a safety screen can help address the safety issue.

But single hung windows still offer some advantages to homeowners. First and foremost is cost. Single hung windows are the more budget friendly option. They tend to cost over 30% less than their double hung counterparts. That's a big savings when it comes to replacing all of the windows in the home.

Another advantage of single hung windows can be their energy efficiency. With the fixed upper sash you get a permanent seal as opposed to the double hung window's sliding seal, which is considered the least efficient option in windows.

One aspect to consider for both single and double hung windows, consider spending a little more to make the most of energy efficiency. Energy Star rated windows can qualify for a tax credit. This credit allows you to claim a credit of 30% of the cost of the windows up to a maximum of $1,500. This pertains to primary residences and replacement windows, not new construction.

With the options and styles coming to the design table in both types of windows, it normally is matter of personal preference and cost savings in choosing windows.

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