Single Hung Windows - Good Sense or Budget Choice?

January 01, 2010

You've probably heard the term double hung windows used often in the world of windows. But are you familiar with single hung windows? Double hung windows are the typical windows that have two panels, or sashes as they're called, that slide into each other to open. They operate on two grooves to do this. A single hung window, on the other hand, has a top panel that does not move and a bottom panel that can be moved.

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Typical windows in the modern home are double hung windows. Double hung windows often offer the additional convenience of tilting in so they can be cleaned from inside the home. So with convenience like that, who needs single hung windows?

Many people do - single hung windows are a cost saving alternative and many homeowners prefer them. The fixed seal of the upper panel also tends to increase energy efficiency in single hung windows. Many old-timer window purists also like the fact that there are less moving parts and pieces to single hung windows. In their book, that means less that can go wrong with the window.

One area in which double hung windows offer a major advantage- safety in multi-level homes. In areas in which children or pets can access the bottom opening, which in single hung windows is the only opening, there can be a major safety issue. Double hung windows allow the bottom portion to be locked and the top portion to be used for ventilation.

Single hung windows are a good economical option for homeowners preferring their simplicity and traditional looks. For upper levels of the home, take measures, such as safety screens, to ensure safety for children with open windows.

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