Common Single-Hung Window Sizes

October 11, 2010

Single-hung windows are a popular window style that can be found in many homes regardless of age. Single-hung window sizes are often standard among window manufacturers which can make it easy to slide a replacement window into an existing single hung opening and many single-hung windows can also fit double-hung window openings of similar sizes. If you have an unusual sized opening, many window manufacturers offer single-hung windows in custom sizes.

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Common Single-Hung Window Sizes

There are numerous standard sizes available for single-hung windows, but many builders and architects choose sizes within a certain range to best complement the style of a home and to meet egress standards in bedrooms. You may find that your second floor or side windows are a little smaller than those on the main floor of your home and walkout basement windows often can be a bit smaller as well. However, in many cases builders prefer to use as many windows of the same size as possible to make framing the home less complicated.

The most common single-hung window sizes are usually 28 inches to 36 inches wide and 52 inches to 74 inches tall. Single hung windows in bathrooms, over kitchen sinks, and in the sides of bay windows are often smaller in size. Always check your local codes concerning egress requirements for bedroom windows as they may have changed since your home was built.

Custom Single-Hung Window Sizes

Older homes often have windows in unique sizes and many window manufacturers cater to this market. If you are having a tough time finding single-hung windows to fit the openings in your home, there should be quite a few window manufacturers that would be happy to build custom single-hung windows for your home or give you suggestions on what type of window might best fit the openings.

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