Single-Hung Window Prices and Costs

October 11, 2010

Single-hung windows are popular windows that cost less than double-hung windows. The price of single-hung windows will vary by manufacturer, quality, size, frame material, the type of glass or other glazing, and hardware and accessories.

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Single-Hung Windows: Prices by Size and Material

The prices below will give you an idea of what some different types of vinyl single-hung might cost. Some window manufacturers will create custom-sized windows without any additional cost because all of their windows are made-to-order. Keep in mind that prices for aluminum, wood, clad, steel, or fiberglass windows will all vary in cost.

  • Single-hung window, 2' x 3', single or double-pane glass, $80-$105
  • Single-hung window, 3' x 3', single or double-pane glass, $110-$130
  • Single-hung window, 3' x 5', low-E3 insulated glass with argon, $110-$140

Optional Single-Hung Windows Prices and Costs

Accessories and options add up quickly. Be sure to find out if some installation accessories such as sealants are standard or if you need to pay additionally for them. Here's a sample of additional optional costs you might encounter when shopping for single-hung windows if you're ordering them from the manufacturer.

  • Choosing a custom color (any color other than white) can add 35 percent per window
  • Double-pane low-e glass with argon gas, $30-$60 per window
  • Flat grilles are $25-$45 per window and can be added either on the interior, exterior, or between panes, depending on the manufacturer
  • Sculptured grids may cost $30-$55 per window

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