Top Single Hung Window Colors

October 10, 2010

Single hung windows look just like double hung windows except that only the bottom sash moves (the top cannot be moved up or down). Single hung windows are advantageous because they have fewer mechanical parts, which makes them typically less expensive; and because they have fewer seams where air can escape, which makes them typically more energy efficient.

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Common Single Hung Window Colors

Depending on your personal preferences you can choose among many popular single hung window colors. You can choose from white to warm earth tones like off-white, beige, or brown. Or you can make a bold statement with customized colors. These windows--like the traditional double hung windows--can be customized with one color for the inside of the house and another for the outside. Marvin Windows and Doors, for example, has five standard clad colors: "bronze," "stone white," "evergreen," "pebble gray," and "Bahamas brown." The "select" clad colors--which are more expensive--come in a wider variety of shades. For example, you can choose from two shades of green: "Hampton sage" and "Sherwood green".

Wood Alternatives for Single Hung Window Colors

If you prefer the look of wood windows, many manufacturers can install wood windows that range in species and color from light pine to dark mahogany. Some wood types, such as cherry or oak, are not suitable to weather the outdoors and are available for the interior only. However, there are usually options to add an exterior clad casing to the outside of the windows to match or enhance the outside architecture of your home in a more durable material.

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