Top Single-Hung Window Brands

October 11, 2010

Single hung-windows are uncomplicated in their construction and installation. When compared to double-hung windows, newer single-hung windows are easier to clean thanks to a tilt option that makes external scrubbing a thing of the past. Here's a good selection from the top single-hung windows brands:

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  • Bravo: A simple 30 x 36" single-hung window featuring a fusion-welded vinyl frame, removable side-load sash for easy cleaning, and Low-E glass for energy saving. Price $117.
  • Builders Vinyl Tilt-Sash Windows: Use fusion-welded vinyl frames for durability and good looks. Low-E glass is standard for thermal and UV control, while an insect screen and special weatherstripping complete the assembly. Price not available online, but should run about 20% higher than the Bravo.

Crystal Window and Door

  • 300R Series: Features full welded frames and sashes with heavy-duty multi-cavity construction for strength, durability, and insulation. Comes with energy-efficient Low-E glass and tilting lower sash for easy cleaning. Includes half-screen. Price: $116.


  • 500-R Series: Features 7/8' insulated glass, fusion welded sash on 3-1/4 inch frame, tilt-in sash, Nite Vent lock, sloping sill, and fiberglass half-screen. Price $150.
  • 1000 Series: 7/8 inch insulated glass, welded sash and 3 1/4 inch frame, tilt-in sash, Nite Vent lock, stepped jamb construction, sloping sill, deep interlocking sash meeting rail, and fiberglass half-screen. Price: $176.

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