Window Accessories for Single-Hung Windows

October 11, 2010

Because a single hung window has one sash that moves vertically, there are many options for window accessories or hardware. Accessories are typically designed for safety or improved function, though the number of accessories you choose will depend on your geography, climate, and budget.

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Functional Window Accessories for Single-Hung Windows

Some accessories, such as extension jambs or exterior casing, can be added to a window's existing frame. However, many of the following accessories may be added during the installation process:

  • Extension jambs: Make the window jamb wider or deeper. Factory-applied extensions are also available.
  • Window screens: Keep insects out while you let air in.
  • Exterior casing: Weather-resistant molding makes for more attractive installation.
  • Continuous drip caps: Create an obstacle between your house's siding and window frame to keep water out.
  • Side jamb clips: Make installations easier when flanges can't be used.
  • Sealant: Stops water seepage and improves energy efficiency/insulation.

Hardware & Decorative Window Accessories for Single-Hung Windows

You don't want a window that can open unless you can lock it. Standard hardware for sing-hung windows includes a sash handle or lift and a fastener or lock, which will vary in price according to quality, function, and finish. You can buy a sash handle or a sash lock for between $1 and $15. Finishes may include white or black enamel, satin or polished nickel, polished or antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and more.

Pricing Window Accessories for Single-Hung Windows

The price of hardware and accessories will vary by window retailer or manufacturer. Be sure to price all your options and installation separately so you can negotiate costs and accurately compare quotes.

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