The Cost Saving Single Hung Window

January 02, 2010

The single hung window will normally be found in older homes. It's the traditional window in which the top portion, or sash, is fixed, while the lower sash is operable. While single hung windows tend to be the least expensive option in windows, there can be a trade off in convenience.

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Double hung windows are typically found in more modern homes. They allow both the upper and lower portion to operate, which allows maximum safety by only using the top portion for ventilation on upper levels of the home where children could be put at risk with an accessible opening. This safety issue can be addressed with the addition of safety screens specifically designed for this problem.

The other major advantage that is touted for double hung windows over single hung windows is the convenience factor. Double hung windows allow access to the exterior of both the upper and lower portions of the window, making cleaning the outside of windows much easier.

Manufacturers have gotten wise to this convenience and offer tilt functions to the lower sash of single hung windows that allows access for exterior cleaning, but it can add cost to the window. Another problem solved in the single hung versus double hung window slapdown.

One area in which the single hung window offers a clear advantage - the fixed upper portion creates a more energy efficient, weather tight seal since it doesn't open.

So how do you choose between single hung and double hung windows? Not only is it a matter of cost, but it boils down to a matter of personal preference. As long as safety issues are addressed in the bottom sash openings where children can have access, it's purely a matter of choice.

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