How to Clean Single-Hung Windows

October 11, 2010

Single-hung windows pose the perfect opportunity to cut your cleaning chops. There are some slight variations for the vinyl version, but the process is basic and effective.

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TIP: Add the windows to your list of weekly dusting duties. Dusting single-hung windows can go a long way in keeping grime from building up over time.

1. Use a clean paint brush to brush off the window sill indoors and the top sill of the lower sash.

2. Spray glass cleaner over the top and bottom panes. If your single-hung windows are vinyl, mix a solution of about 1 teaspoon of dish detergent with one gallon of warm water--or simply use a commercial vinyl window cleaner.

3. Using a sponge or paper towels, scrub the top pane followed by the lower pane to break up caked-on dirt and grime. Follow up by wiping the panes with clean paper towels. For vinyl single-hung windows, scrub the top pane and then the lower pane with a natural sponge remove dirt and debris. Rinse the sponge frequently as it accumulates dirt.

4. Spray the window panes again with the glass cleaner and wipe a squeegee down each pane. Professionals often wipe off the squeegee with a damp cloth after each stroke to help the squeegee glide across the window rather than scrape. For vinyl single-hung windows, rinse the vinyl with clean water and use a squeegee or a towel to prevent streaks and spots.

WARNING: If your single-hung windows have any type of special UV coating, be sure to use only manufacturer-recommended cleaning solutions; UV coatings can be sensitive to some chemicals, particularly if they are ammonia-based.

5. Clean the exterior in the same way you cleaned the interior. Use a garden hose to gently rinse the windows after applying the cleaning agent.

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