150 Atrium Single Hung Window 
by Atrium Window Companies

150 Atrium Single Hung Window
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 3/4" Flat And 1" Contoured Grid Available.
  • 3/4" Insulated Glass.
  • 4 9/16" paintable or stainable and 6 9/16" stainable wood jamb extensions
  • Available Colors: White, Almond
  • Beautiful, True Brick Mould Exterior Frame Perimeter
  • Block & Tackle Balance System
  • Bottom sash operates and tilts in for easy cleaning
  • Bottom sash operates for ventilation and tilts-in for easy cleaning
  • Brick Mould exterior offers contemporary appearance and all-welded corner construction provides excellent structural integrity
  • Continuous Head And Sill On Twins And Triples.
  • Custom Sizes Available.
  • DP Rating R50 (window size tested 36" x 74").
  • Factory mulling of twins, triples and architectural shapes.
  • Fully welded frame and sash corners.
  • Half Screen Standard.
  • Integrated J-Channel and nail fin simplify installation.
  • Sloped Sill For Easy Water Run-Off.
  • Low-E Glass and Argon Gas for additional efficiency and Energy Star Compliance

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