Selecting House Replacement Windows

December 17, 2009

From aluminum to wood, today's replacement windows provide flexibility in design and price. You can find every type of window from double hung to patio sliders, and styles from contemporary expanses of glass to ornate leaded accent windows. Here are a few tips for selecting replacement windows for your home:

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Window Replacement Priorities

Your reasons and goals for replacing windows can influence your choice of house windows. If you're strictly replacing windows from a functional standpoint, economical vinyl windows provide an attractive appearance with low maintenance. If you're rehabbing a home and want to maintain architectural integrity, custom designed windows can replicate your home's original windows.

Window Ratings

The National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) provides window glass ratings for multiple factors of window performance. You can visit the NFRC site to learn more.. Understanding window ratings is useful for choosing windows best meeting your needs.

Energy Star House Windows

The Energy Star logo is a "seal of approval" from the US Environmental Protection Agency. Energy star rated replacement windows may qualify for tax rebates and incentives from local energy companies.

Product Performance and Installation

Your house windows are only going to perform as well as they're installed. You can often arrange installation with the supplier, but make sure that the supplier is authorized by the manufacturer of your replacement windows to perform the installation. You can shop for windows, installation and package deals online as well as visiting home improvement stores and retailers specializing in selling and installing replacement windows.

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