Replacing Your House Windows: Cost Isn't the Only Consideration

April 05, 2011

Selecting windows depends on factors including weather, insulation, energy conservation and providing a comfortable environment within your home.

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New Windows? Consider Your Needs

Here are a few considerations when planning for replacing your house windows:

  • Climate and insulation: If you live in an extreme climate such as a desert or a very rainy area, replacement window options include styles with multiple panes for insulation. You can also order windows with treated glass that helps with reducing sun damage. Durable materials including vinyl and fiberglass can withstand weather and resist pests such as termites.
  • Function: The styles and sizes of your replacement windows will depend in part on how you want your windows to work. Is interior lighting most important, or do you need to improve your home's energy efficiency? Are you installing new windows to prepare your home for sale, or will you and your family benefit from new house windows? Answering these questions will assist with finding appropriate replacement windows.
  • Home decor and architecture: Finding windows complementing your home's interior and exterior can seem challenging, but most windows are manufactured with neutral color frames. Choose your vinyl windows carefully, as they cannot be refinished. Custom windows can be ordered for replicating specific architectural styles or historic styles.

Window dealers and Web sites can help with selecting windows appropriate to your needs; Learning about window ratings before shopping for new windows can also help with selecting windows that meet your expectations. The National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) provides performance ratings on window labels. Comparing ratings and price is useful for finding a balance between products and pricing.

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