How to Repair Picture Windows

October 11, 2010

Because picture windows are fixed and do not move, they lack moving parts that could wear out or break over time. Therefore, the only repair of your picture windows you may encounter is replacing broken glass.

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How to Repair Picture Windows with Broken Glass

First, remove the metal, rubber, or aluminum stops from the window glass's four edges. The old glue or tape should hold the glass in place.

Measure the glass from edge to edge for both the height and width. Measure the glass thickness through the existing hole if there is one. If not, with a gloved hand, push lightly on the crack to expose the edge, then measure. Order or purchase your replacement glass. At the same time, buy a tube of silicone.

Place a tarp on the floor under the window. Using a utility knife, and wearing heavy gloves, cut between the glass and frame to remove the old glue or tape. Cut across the top first. Cut down one side, top to bottom, then the other side. The glass should fall out. Ensure all is out. With a putty knife, scrape off the old glue or tape from the frame.

Apply a 3/16-inch thick bead of silicone around the opening's perimeter. Grab the sides of the new glass, angle in the bottom onto the setting blocks, then slowly raise it into place. Gently push it so it contacts only the silicone, not the frame. Install the stops. Let the silicone set for 24 hours before cleaning the glass.

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