Window Shades for Picture Windows

October 11, 2010

Think about your goals when choosing window shades for picture windows. You not only want to cover the window for privacy and for decorative style, but you want to be able to control your lighting and easily adjust the window treatment. While wood blinds are very attractive, they may be too heavy to cover an oversized window. Cordless shades are the safest choice when you have small children in your home, but they are difficult to use on extra tall windows.

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The first step when choosing a window treatment for picture windows should be to determine whether your window is wider than it is tall, or taller than it is wide.

  • Window shade options for tall windows: Horizontal window treatments like blinds or cellular shades work best on tall windows.
  • Window shade options for wide windows: Vertical blinds or a panel track sliding blind work well for wider windows since they add visual height to the window.

Window shades for picture windows vary widely according to the style and materials chosen. Broadly estimated, you could find a shade for a picture window as inexpensively priced as $55, or you could spend $300 or more for a vertical blind.

When choosing window treatments for picture windows, you also probably want to consider your decorating style. Blinds and shades work well for more casual or informal rooms and vertical blinds or panels work best for formal spaces.

Consider style and size together when choosing the right window shades for picture windows.

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