Picture Window Installers and Contractors

October 10, 2010

Picture windows provide a great source of light for your home and are a perfect way to highlight the outside surroundings. The only downside is that installation and window costs can be expensive. Make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck by hiring experienced and knowledgeable contractors.

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Tips on hiring quality picture window installers and contractors:

  • Don't put all the money down up front. With most window contractors, you'll need to provide a deposit in order to secure the job, but don't pay the full amount until you're satisfied with the finished product.
  • Do your homework. Be mindful of complaints to the National Association of Home Builders and Better Business Bureau. Check there first before booking your window installer.
  • Save money by being energy efficient. It's estimated that 40 percent of our household budgets are spent on heating and cooling expenses. Picture windows can be the most energy efficient type of window product in terms of air penetration. A contractor can help you choose the right kind of glass to further boost your efficiency and save even more money on your electric bill.
  • Review all documents. Ask for a warranty of the work being done, get a Certificate of Insurance from the contractor's insurance agent detailing property damage coverage, worker's compensation, and personal liability. Go over all these documents as well as terms, job start and stop dates and pricing with your window contractor ahead of time, so you can minimize confusion at the end of the job.
  • Get a professional. Every type of window installation requires different steps and knowledge. Some manufacturers offer training classes to teach local contractors how to install their windows.

Picture windows come in wood, vinyl, clad wood, fiberglass, or aluminum frames and installation will vary based on the size of the window, the glass used, and the cost of labor. The average cost of a single picture window ranges from $250 to $650 with an extra minimum $200 charge for the installation fee.

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