Top Picture Window Colors

October 11, 2010

Picture windows are meant to frame and showcase a lovely view. Picture windows are usually larger than standard windows and the options in the size, shape, and colors are almost limitless. Picture windows are all about "the view" and glass. Most picture windows do not open--which is the most energy efficient option--but some windows, such as Andersen picture windows, can be "combination windows," with the features of picture windows, plus the ability to open in the style of casement, double or single hung, gliding, or awning windows.

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Stylish Picture Window Colors

Picture windows need to be custom ordered and designed, but can be created to match the style of windows that are already in your home.

White is the classic color for a picture window--and it matches just about everything. You may also want to choose white for your picture window if the rest of your windows are white, in order for it to blend in with the décor of your home.

White also does not obstruct from the "framing" aspect of your picture window--after all you want to see the view, not necessarily the window.

Picture Window Colors in Wood

Wood also makes an attractive "frame" for a scenic view. If the other windows in your house are wood, you can choose a wood type that closely matches the other windows in light, medium or dark colored wood--from pine to oak to mahogany. While you may wish to have wood on the inside, consider cladding the outside with a more durable material that will not rot.

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