Top Picture Window Brands

October 11, 2010

Picture windows provide lots of light and expansive views, but, now that energy efficiency is a hot topic, it's important to make sure only the "good" light gets in--not UV radiation. Optimizing heat during hot and cold weather has an impact on your utility bills. So, "green" picture windows can save you money each month. Here are some insights into the top picture windows brands:

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  • Ultimate Venting Picture Window: This takes picture windows to a higher level in allowing movement of panes to facilitate airflow. Fully Energy-Star® compliant using argon insulating glass, the glazing can be upgraded to triple-pane for added strength and energy control. These cost around $350--more than the non-movable windows, but you must discuss specific pricing with Marvin.
  • Integrity: Smaller picture windows come in size 32x22", using insulated Low-E glass and fiberglass frame. Available at eBay for around $300.


  • Renewal: This product features ultra-strong Fibrex® framing material to better handle glass weight. Glass is Low-E4™ for superior energy savings. Rugged silicone seals also provide integrity. Prices start at $1,200 and go up from there, depending on options.
  • 400 series: These products come in 4x4' sections for stand-alone or in combinations. Features Low-E4™ glass with natural or low-maintenance wood exteriors. Prices: $460-$660.

Prices via Internet are approximate, so be sure to drive a hard bargain. Discounts are definitely possible.

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