Window Blinds for Picture Windows

October 11, 2010

Picture windows are designed to be large and showy, so plan carefully when selecting a window treatment for this important area.

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Using Blinds to Showcase Picture Windows: Decorative and Practical

Among the popular styles are vertical blinds designed to add visual appeal while offering the flexibility to bring in light in varying degrees. Vertical blinds are made with several hanging sections that are attached or detached, some with cords at the bottom to hold the row in place.

Vertical blinds add a stylish look, plus the flexibility for rotating the vertical sections sideways to allow light in when desired. Some newer vertical window blind styles include slats that are attached together to offer more stability.

In either case, measure carefully, so the slats cover all of the window width and do not drag on the ground. Many window blinds for picture windows are installed inside the wood window trim. If your trim is decorative, this can help showcase that area.

If you live in a cold climate, you may notice many drafts in a window this size. One solution is to buy picture window blinds with an insulating layer. This can block the cold and help prevent heat from escaping.

Window blinds for picture windows come in several styles, patterns, and levels of thickness, from delicate fabrics that allow light to filter in to heavy, room darkening styles that help block light.

Window blinds for picture windows start around $50 and can reach $200 or more each, depending on the size of the window. Picture windows typically are important focal points, so the cost should be viewed from a long term perspective.

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