Window Accessories for Picture Windows

October 11, 2010

Just because picture windows don't open, doesn't mean they can't have accessories. You won't need hardware such as locks, fasteners, cranks, or hinges, but you may want to consider some installation accessories.

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Window Accessories for Picture Windows

Accessories can be specifically for the window's frame, or you can also opt for some accessories as part of the installation process. Because picture windows are sometimes ordered to match another type of window sash style (such as picture windows for double-hung windows), you'll want to keep this in mind when you're selecting the following types of window accessories for picture windows:

  • Exterior casing: Options may include an auxiliary casing with a water-repellent wood core covered in vinyl or a vinyl channel with a vinyl-laminated board.
  • Extension jambs: Factory-applied extensions can extend the depth of the jamb on all four sides of the picture frame casing, or you can choose non-applied extension jambs during installation.
  • Continuous drip caps: Drip caps keep water from running down into your picture window's frame.
  • Side jamb clips: Make installations where flanges cannot be used much easier.
  • Sealant: Improving insulation for better energy efficiency, applying a sealant can also prevent water seepage.

Pricing Window Accessories for Picture Windows

The prices of installation accessories vary by window manufacturer or retailer. When you price windows, price windows, accessories, installation, and taxes separately, you can accurately compare quotes and negotiate. Also, keep your eyes open for window packages that might combine one or more installation window accessories for picture windows. You may be able to save some money. Likewise, if you're ordering a large number of windows; while a discount on the windows may not be available, you may be able to get a discount on an upsell like an accessory.

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