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A Picture Window Provides a Panoramic Vista

If you have a serene, awe-inspiring, or interesting view from your home, a picture window is the perfect way to display it. A picture window is a large panoramic window that does not open, but gives an unobstructed view of whatever vista it overlooks. It provides a showcase to the outdoors for you and your guests. Picture windows also let in the maximum amount of light, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Picture windows are perhaps the most energy-efficient type of window. Because they do not open, there are no joints, cracks, or fittings that can admit outside air. A double-pane or triple-pane picture window with Low-E glass provide excellent insulating properties in both summer and winter. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to choose a picture window with high solar gain glazing. Conversely, low solar gain glazing is preferable in warmer climates. For the frame, vinyl or wood provides the best insulation.

For ventilation, you can flank your picture window with a small double-hung, sliding, or casement window on either side. Use drapes or vertical blinds to give you privacy, and add a valance to provide a picture frame for your scenic view. You can open the drapes or blinds to expose just the picture window and cover the side windows if you want an unbroken view.

  • October 11, 2010

    Picture windows are fixed glass units that are often used along with other types of windows such as double-hung, casement, and awning windows. Because they are designed to complement these other window types, they have many standard sizes in common with a vari... More >>

  • October 11, 2010

    Homeowners who wouldn't dream of living without a vacuum cleaner, mop, and broom often don't have good window-cleaning equipment. It's no wonder it's considered such a dreaded chore. Visit a janitorial supply store and get an 18" or 24" squeegee for picture wi... More >>

  • October 11, 2010

    1. Remove the old window carefully without damaging the opening or surrounding areas. Make sure the opening is free of left-over hardware from the old window and clear away any loose particles. 2. Put the new window into the opening provisionally to make sure ... More >>

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