How to Repair Hopper Windows

October 11, 2010

Hopper windows are ideal for tight spaces in your home like bathrooms and basements, and they're simple to fix when something goes wrong. Knowing how to repair hopper windows can save you money and let you take care of the repair job yourself.

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How to Repair Hopper Windows the Easy Way

A squirt of lubricating oil might fix your problem. Hopper windows open from the bottom on a hinge that normally gives you years of solid service. When the hinge freezes up or starts sticking, your window can become a frustrating experience. Lubricate the hinge lightly with a household oil and work it several times to make sure the oil penetrates the interior of the mechanism. If this doesn't work visit a home improvement store or contact the manufacturer for a new hinge. A few simple hand tools are all you'll need to make the switch.

When the Window Doesn't Close Tight

The hinge might be sprung and need to be replaced. If there is too much paint on the window frame, the build-up can keep the window from closing tightly, and it will have to be scraped.

Replacing Broken Glass

Remove a broken pane of glass carefully. If you need to break it into manageable pieces, cover it with a blanket to keep shards of glass from flying through the room. Hit the glass hard enough with a hammer to allow the broken pieces to be picked out of the caulking. Remove the old caulking with a scraper. Install a new piece of glass about 1/16 inch smaller than the frame. Secure it with caulking or a glazing compound and let it thoroughly dry.

Knowing how to repair hopper windows yourself saves you money and gives you the satisfaction of a job well done. Identifying the problem and then applying the right fix is the key to success.

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