Common Hopper Window Sizes

October 11, 2010

Both stylish and economical, hopper windows add natural light to challenging spaces without compromising privacy. They're ideal additions to your basement or bathroom, provided you buy the right size. Here are the most common hopper window sizes and how to choose correctly.

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Hopper Window Features

Surprisingly, the hopper window offers virtually identical insulating properties as the more common dual pane window. In addition to a sharp, contemporary style, most hopper windows come with a ten-year warranty. Most hopper windows hinge at the bottom and open inward. Most hopper windows come anchored by vinyl frames with a screen. While new construction orders are available in fixed window sizes only, retrofit windows are built to your specifications and based on rough opening dimensions.

PRO TIP: Install a hopper window in a utility room to lower the "dungeon" factor and make the room more user-friendly.

Common Hopper Window Sizes

Common hopper window sizes mean that there's not a whole lot of guesswork when it comes to ordering from your manufacturer. Simply measure the length and width of your rough opening and pass along those details. Keep in mind that the more unusual the window requirements, the more you should expect to pay.

The following guide lists common features of common hopper window sizes and what you can expect when you call to order:

  • 7/8-inch insulating glass
  • Made every 1/8" width and height
  • Minimum size 14" x 12"
  • Maximum size 50" x 30"
  • Master frame depth 2 1/2"

PRO TIP: Grid measurements don't affect the window size--they're just according to your preference. Find out beforehand the sizes offered and be ready to convey that information when you call to order.

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