Window Shades for Hopper Windows

October 11, 2010

Hopper windows are somewhat unique because unlike other types of windows, the window sash opens inward and the hinges are installed on the bottom of the frame. While this type of window is usually needed to solve such problems as lack of exterior clearance for a basement window, it can be problematic to find window shades for hopper windows. This is because the inward tilting sash interferes with most window shades, which are traditionally mounted on the interior side of the window. Installing an exterior shade is the best way to overcome this problem, because these types of shades mount on the outside of your house and will not interfere with the window when it is open.

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Here are some benefits of using exterior window shades for hopper windows:

  1. The shade can be drawn while the window is open, which allows you to enjoy fresh air from the outside while also maintaining your privacy.
  2. One type of exterior shade is a mesh solar shade, which can block out the sun's heat and glare, but still allow you to enjoy the view of the outside.
  3. Exterior shades can be operated from the inside using an electric motor or a hand crank, so you never have to go outside to adjust the shade.
  4. Exterior shades can be concealed in a head box which mounts above the window and can be incorporated into the window trim for a seamless aesthetic.
  5. There are dozens of fabrics available for exterior shades, some of which offer total black-out capability and others that merely reduce the amount of sunlight that enters you home.

Measuring and installing exterior window shades for hopper windows may take some professional help, especially if you opt for the motorized systems or are wanting them located above hard to reach windows.

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