Hopper Window Prices and Costs

October 11, 2010

Hopper windows can make an excellent choice for basement windows. Typical, standard sized hopper windows are hinged at the bottom and latches at the top, opening inward for ventilation. When shopping around, the standard features you'll want to look for include a seamless frame (injection-molded, one-piece construction), easy-turn locking handles, screen, insulated glass, and dual weather-stripping.

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Simple, flat-design windows not only are among the most cost-effective hopper windows, they typically offer the best snug fit for energy efficiency. And an exterior screen should be included in the total price.

Hopper Windows: Prices and Costs

Generally speaking, the cost of a hopper window depends on options, materials, and the cost of labor. You can expect to pay more if you have to have modifications to your walls to have them installed. As of September, 2010, estimates for the hopper window alone range from $60 to $50, depending on size.

Windows/ Price Range

  • Vinyl Hopper Window, 32 In. x 24 In., White with Dual Pane Insulated Glass/ $85
  • Vinyl Hopper Window, 32 in. x 18 in. White with Dual Pane Insulated Glass/$71.98
  • Standard Hopper Window, 32in. X 14in./ $63.16
  • Vinyl Hopper Window, 19in X 12in. / $45

Hopper Windows Costs and Add-on Options

You can expect to pay higher prices if you want more out of the window itself. For example, a well-known window maker charges $422 for a hopper window with natural pine interiors, high-performance Low-E4 glass on dual-pane windows.

Installation costs vary by retailer/manufacturer, or contractor. Be sure to get at least three written estimates. Home improvement stores quote between $100 and $150 for installing a hopper window, based on size and structural readiness.

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