Top Hopper Window Materials

October 11, 2010

A hopper window is a window specifically designed for small spaces. Because of its design, the hopper window is typically found in basements and the shower/tub area in bathrooms. The hopper window is similar to a casement window, but is hinged at the bottom and opens inward from the top via a handle which operates a cranking mechanism. Because the hopper window is frequently at or near ground level, it incorporates a secure locking mechanism at the top of the window. For additional safety, security bars can be added on the outside because the window opens inward. The hopper window seals tightly for maximum energy efficiency and is highly functional compared to other window types used in small spaces. However, its method of operation is not consistent with the use of blinds or curtains. For privacy, window films or tinting can be used on hopper windows.

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Typical Hopper Window Materials

Hopper windows can be purchased with vinyl, aluminum, or wood frames.

  • Vinyl. Ease of installation, low maintenance, good thermal performance are the benefits of this material.
  • Aluminum. Low maintenance, easy installation, frame rigidity helps make a tight seal when closed.
  • Wood. Requiring periodic maintenance, wood may be subject to rot and deterioration at ground level in wet climates.

Hopper windows for basements and bathrooms are available at most large home-improvement stores. In addition to its use in tight spaces such as basements and bathrooms, the hopper window design can also be used as the bottom section of multi-pane windows when the top panes are fixed.

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