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October 11, 2010

There's little doubt that you've heard cautionary tales of bogus installers and contractors hired for various projects that leave the homeowner high and dry with shoddy work and a mess to clean up. If you want to avoid hiring one of these for your garden windows project, follow these simple steps.

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Plan the Work, Work the Plan.

Get no less than three bids to discover the going rate for garden windows installation. However, don't automatically hire the installers or contractors with the lowest proposal. Research hints that the lowest bid doesn't equate to the best result.

Ask for an All-inclusive Estimate.

The estimates you consider strongly should include pricing for the product, material, and labor. Also, ask for a project time table. Installing garden windows can get tricky with little extras that can add up. Make sure your estimates include the unexpected.

Get References from Current and Past Customers

Reputable installers and contractors should be able to produce contact information for their past satisfied customers. Follow-up is everything! Check these references and make sure they are legit.

Insist on Proper Licensing and Insurance

Before they start working on your garden windows project, potential installers and contractors should pass this litmus test. First, that they are licensed to work your state. Next, they should have proper general liability and workers compensation insurance.

Ask the Better Business Bureau for Work History

Look in particular for filed complaints against potential installers and contractors. The State Attorney General's office is another resource. And if you encounter a problem or fraud, report them to these resources to help other consumers

As a general rule of thumb, contractors and installers should bid around $1,394 for a 3-foot by 4-foot vinyl garden window, including labor and material. More or less should raise red flags.

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