Top Hopper Window Colors

October 11, 2010

Hopper windows are the best choice for low-to-the-ground basement windows. Hoppers window--which are hinged at the bottom--provide good ventilation, and because they open from the top, preventing dirt and other debris from blowing into the basement. Depending on where you live and the local code requirements, a hopper window can also meet the requirement for an egress window.

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Hopper windows are also ideal for bathrooms or other small rooms where you want light and air circulation without sacrificing privacy or energy efficiency. The cost of a hopper window depends on the size of the window and can range from $60 (for a small window) to $150 per window.

Hopper Window Colors Can Range from Plain White to Red

Hopper window colors will depend on your choice of manufacturer. For example, some manufacturers offer only basic colors such as white and almond. Others, such as Newpro Replacement Windows, offer a wider variety of hopper window colors, from "Forest Green" to "Wedgewood Blue" to "Burgundy Red." Other window manufacturers also offer hopper windows in a broad range of wood or wood veneer finishes.

Some manufacturers offer even more options; for example, Andersen offers dual color palettes that can match both the inside and outside of your home--either in standard or custom colors. This dual-color scheme can be a plus if you'd like to keep the outside color of the window neutral, but want to be able to go to a more extreme color--such as red or blue--to match the color scheme of a basement media or family room.

While hopper windows are ideal for basements, be aware that these windows may compromise security because they are installed so close to the ground. Make sure that you do your research and select a window manufacturer that provides hard-to-reach fasteners and solid stainless steel hardware.

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