Top Hopper Window Brands

October 11, 2010

Hopper windows open inward from the top. Properly installed, they can provide good airflow when open and improved lighting when open or closed. Although originally designed to keep basements and bathrooms well-ventilated, modern technology has come up with qualities that make them practical in other areas of your home. Here are some of the top hopper windows brands:

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Duo-Corp Windows

  • 32x22 inch Competitor - Solid vinyl impact-resistant frame and sash. Energy efficient 3/4-inch insulated glass. Price range, 68-$85
  • 32x14 inch Competitor - Impact-resistant vinyl, 3/4-inch insulated glass, tilt-in sill for water removal. Price range, $62-$70


  • Model PV-HOP 32x34 inch heavy-duty welded vinyl sash and frame. Tilts inward for cleaning and operation. Insulated glass and durable wool pile seals provide all-weather protection. Comes with removable full screen to protect against insects. Price, approximately $85
  • Model PV-HOP 32x16 inch. Same specifications as 32x34 inch with cast metal lock (not plastic) and internal weeping system. Price, approximately $66

Marvin Windows

  • Signature Inswing Hopper comes in a variety options including wood types, clad colors, casing, and unique grille patterns. Going a step beyond basement windows, these hopper windows are decorator style and great for transoms. Glass is Energy-Star® compliant and sizing is opening-dependent.
  • The Tilt-turn version uses the hopper windows technique as possible replacements for casement-type windows.

Prices aren't readily available but can range from the low hundreds to the thousands. Marvin is one of the top hopper windows brands and deserves serious consideration.

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