Hopper Windows

November 30, 1999

Dry hopper windows with accumulated grime and haze require the same cleaning methods as any other window. But hopper windows are often in basements where they get extra-dirty and develop mold. Here's how to clean hopper windows:

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Cleaning Hopper Windows in Living Areas

Cleaning any window requires a broom and brush, an appropriately-sized squeegee, a natural sponge, a 2-gallon bucket, a tiny amount of liquid dish detergent, three towels, some finest-grade clean steel wool and sometimes single-edged razors.

  1. Sweep or brush all lose debris from both sides of the frame.
  2. Fill the bucket with water and only enough detergent to prevent most suds.
  3. Dampen towel #1 and thoroughly clean the frames.
  4. Wet the sponge and wash just enough area to squeegee before it dries.
  5. With dry towel #2, wipe dry a 2" strip of the top and one edge.
  6. Always keeping one end of the squeegee on a dry area, start at the dry top strip and pull straight down.
  7. Repeat the process with the next area of the window.
  8. Use dry towel #3 to dry water that has run to the bottom sill.
  9. Clean bug spots with dry steel wool on dry glass. Remove tape or paint with the razor on wet glass.

Cleaning Basement Hopper Windows

  1. Clean exterior dry well with a rake and a wet/dry vacuum.
  2. If mold is present, wear safety goggles, a breathing mask, and rubber gloves.
  3. After cleaning the frames, use an unscented detergent solution to scrub away mold. Dry quickly.
  4. Then follow the steps in the previous section.
  5. Prevent mold with a self-emptying dehumidifier and a dry-well drain.

Lubricate hopper windows hinges periodically.

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