Basement Windows Cost and Style Information

August 04, 2010

Basement windows, especially older ones made of wood, are susceptible to rot and mildew. If the windows no longer open smoothly, the frames are damaged, or water is leaking inside the home, you're overdue for a new windows. But where to begin? Start by learning about the variety of styles and materials available, along with the window costs for each style.

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What Basement Windows Cost, According to Style

  1. Hopper windows. Hopper windows are the standard style of basement windows. Hopper windows hinge to the bottom of the window frame, and the window tilts inward for easy cleaning and operation. For this reason, the window screen is usually installed on the outside of the window frame. The hopper window is the most affordable basement window, and it comes in a wide range of sizes and features, such as insulated glass and an easily removable full screen to keep insects out. A simple 32-inch by 14-inch vinyl hopper window costs about $60-65.*
  2. Sliding windows. Sliding, or glider, windows open and close by sliding from side to side. Perfect for situations where space is limited, some styles come with removable panes that make cleaning a breeze by allowing you to get objects, like a cumbersome ladder, in and out of the basement with ease. A basic 32-inch by 15-inch vinyl sliding window costs about $80-90.*
  3. Awning windows. The most expensive type of basement window, awning windows also have a more contemporary look and offer more design features--perfect if your basement is also living space. Awning windows open outward at a horizontal angle, and hinge and latch placement can vary depending on the style. Some open with a crank, and others push open. Awning windows also are nice for a rainy day--letting fresh air inside and keeping rain out. A 4-foot by 2.5-foot awning window costs about $400.*

Whichever option best fits your needs, make sure you purchase new windows that meet residential and local building codes. After that, you can install your basement window knowing it's the perfect choice for your space.

*Final cost depends on the size and features of new windows. The price provided is an estimate based on baseline models, and does not include special features, grilles, screens, installation, taxes, or delivery charges.

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