Home Replacement Window Types

July 11, 2009

Tired of paying too much money to keep your home cool in summer and warm in the winter? Have a broken or damaged window that needs to be replaced? Is condensation a problem or do your dated windows pose a security risk? These are just a few of the reasons why you may be in the market for home replacement windows.

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If you're shopping for replacement windows, you not only have a wide variety of styles from which to choose, you also need to select the material for your replacement windows. Here's a review of the four top home replacement window materials with tips to help you choose the best option for your home, climate zone, and budget.

Aluminum Replacement Windows 

More durable and affordable than bare wood windows, aluminum windows are lightweight, easy to handle, and offer many years of virtually maintenance-free use.

While aluminum windows do feature thermal breaks made from either vinyl or foam to reduce condensation and heat loss, they may not be the best home replacement window choice if you live in cold area. Nor are they a good choice if you live in a coastal area because the salt air can cause corrosion.

Wood Replacement Windows

The most popular and decorative of all window materials, wood home replacement windows are excellent insulators, which make them an outstanding choice if you live in cold climate or want the look and feel of real wood for your home. Unfortunately, wood replacement windows require a good deal of regular maintenance and they can warp and rot over time. They are also the most expensive type of window.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Manufactured from durable, impact-resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl replacement windows are not only effective insulators, they require very little maintenance. What's more, they are fairly affordable for most homeowners.

Clad-Wood Replacement Windows

Looking for a window that offers a tough exterior and an attractive interior? Clad-wood home replacement windows could be the perfect answer. These replacement windows feature wood on the interior and either vinyl or aluminum on the exterior, which reduces the need for exterior maintenance.

As you can see, whether you love the traditional look of wood or limited maintenance that comes with vinyl, you're sure to find a replacement window that's just right for your home.  

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