How to Repair Garden Windows

October 11, 2010

Garden windows are a beautiful addition to any home and allow you to enjoy flowering plants and vegetables year-round. These windows graciously extend your indoor space into the great out-of-doors where you can enjoy it right in the comfort of home.

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When your garden windows are in need of repair, here's what you need to know.

How to Repair Garden Windows without Professional Help

Minor repairs can be made by homeowners without the assistance of professional window installers and repair contractors. The level of expertise needed depends on the type of repair needed and the experience and abilities of the homeowner. Knowing how to repair garden windows without the need of a contractor can result in big savings.

Fixing Leaks around the Edges

Rain that ends up inside of your home indicates the need for immediate repairs. Water needs to be stopped before wood wall frames and interior wall surfaces rot and stain. If water gets into your walls, it spells trouble.

Prevent water from seeping in between your window and the siding by replacing damaged vinyl siding or wood shingles. When there is no observable damage you probably need to caulk along the edges to prevent water from entering between the window and siding. Use caulking designed for use on the exterior of your home to prevent the need for frequent replacement due to shrinkage and deterioration.

Broken Glass Requires a Professional

Garden windows generally require care in replacing broken glass due to the special construction of the window. Broken glass is best repaired by someone who is a professional contractor.

Simple garden window repairs are easy to do. When the structure of the window needs to be repaired, it's wise to enlist the help of a contractor who knows how to repair garden windows.

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