Garden Windows: What to look for when purchasing them

December 27, 2009

Garden windows not only help add light to a room, but they add indoor space to bring your garden inside to last the entire year. To ensure the most energy efficient and top quality garden window, look for:

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  • Fully insulated, thick glass - double paned or at least 1" thick;
  • Low E glass for energy efficiency and ultra violet ray reduction;
  • Side vents to allow ventilation;
  • A tight seal within the frame and between the frame and your home;
  • Tempered glass shelves for safety; and
  • The Energy Star rating for the glass package.

    In fact, speaking of Energy Star, replacing an existing window with a more energy efficient Energy Star window, can help pay for the cost of the window. Qualifying windows can earn a tax credit of 30% of the cost up to a maximum of $1,500. There are glass packages offered in garden windows that qualify for this tax credit.

    Garden windows add a new dimension of beauty and comfort to any room in your home. Imagine feeling warm sunny days with gentle breezes from within your home during the summer, and having fresh garden herbs in the winter. Create a wonderful display of herbs and plants to invite yet a bit more of the outdoors inside and earn a valuable tax credit at the same time. Sounds like a win-win prospect!

    A garden window may be just the ticket to adding light and functional space to your kitchen. At the same time, it can offer you added value to your home and a money saving tax credit. That's certainly money well spent.

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