Garden Windows Bring the Outdoors Inside

December 26, 2009

There's nothing more appealing in the home than bringing the outside in. In fact, with indoor/outdoor living at the height of its popularity, garden windows can do that for you and then some. Garden windows resemble mini greenhouses that offer a compact, light filled space for your plants, herbs and flowers without exposing them to the elements. Garden windows are extremely popular in kitchens that can use not only a boost of space, but maximum natural light as well.

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Garden windows not only make the most of space and light, but they add architectural interest to the room. They're traditionally used over kitchen sinks and are the perfect spot for growing herbs to use in cooking. Quality garden windows offer an insulated base that help protect plants from extreme temperatures.

Another quality feature to look for in garden windows is side vents that can be opened to give your plants, and you, a breath of fresh air. Tempered glass sets the standard for safety in any window, but make sure the shelves of the garden window offer this safety feature as well.

Another feature to be on the lookout for in garden windows - make sure the windows have a low E coating for better energy efficiency. Low E is a microscopic coating on the window that helps increase energy efficiency while decreasing harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Low E is a good upgrade for any glass window in the home, not only garden windows.

While the glory of garden windows is their ability to bring the outdoors inside, using a garden window in the kitchen gives you the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen at the same time.

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