Top Garden Window Materials

October 11, 2010

Garden windows are a great way to open up your kitchen, let in additional light, and grow your own herbs and flowers indoors. Although garden windows are found mostly in kitchens, they can also be used in other areas of your home. Garden windows are easy for homeowners to install and can add to the resale value and desirability of your home. Most garden windows have top and side panels that can be opened at the turn of a crank to provide ventilation. By choosing the right materials for your garden window, it can be more energy-efficient than the window it replaced.

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Typical Garden Window Materials

The most common materials used for garden window frames are vinyl and aluminum, although wood-framed garden windows are also available. Here are the characteristics of garden window materials

  • Vinyl provides excellent thermal insulating qualities, resists fading and peeling, and is impervious to rot. Quality vinyl garden windows feature a selection of colors, operable top and/or side vents, and easy installation. In addition, many vinyl garden windows qualify for energy-efficiency tax rebates.
  • Aluminum garden windows are constructed of extruded aluminum and are painted or powder-coated in a variety of colors to match your home's trim. They also feature operable top and/or side vents and may also qualify for tax rebates.
  • The beauty of natural wood garden windows has great appeal. Due to their limited availability, they may be more expensive. They are also heavier, making installation more difficult, and periodic maintenance is required.

Your budget and personal preferences will guide you in choosing materials for your garden window.

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