Top Garden Window Brands

October 11, 2010

Typical garden windows open on the sides to provide improved air circulation. The positioning of the individual panes offers an outdoor vista and increased surface area for letting in light to nourish plants on the wide shelf. Garden windows tend to expand your kitchen, and a touch of creativity can make other living areas come alive. Here are some top garden windows brands worth consideration:

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Simonton Garden Windows

Simonton has developed into a premier provider of vinyl windows furnishing structurally sound frames fabricated to optimize performance in different geographical regions. Its main garden windows products are:

  • Prism Platinum Model with air or argon filled double-pane glass. 1" glass installed unit.
  • Impressions 9800 with double-strength-double-pane air-filled Prosolar Low-E glass, upgradeable to more sophisticated glazing.
  • Reflections 5500 available in wood-grain styles with Simonton Low-E Solar System™ glass package. Great for individual configurations.

Prices vary from $900-$1,200 with custom options.

Milgard Garden Windows

  • Montecito™ Series brings energy-saving glass that can be clear, tinted, or semi-opaque. Sturdy, welded vinyl with insulated shelf.
  • 5920 Series offers heights up to 60" with adjustable internal shelf and side vents. SunCoat® Low-E
    insulated glass lowers heat transmission and protects against UV.

Base price is around $1,200 and can vary upward for taller models.

Note: These are top garden windows brands and usually available nationwide. Prices are approximate, and face-to-face shopping is your best bet.

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