Window Blinds for Garden Windows

October 11, 2010

Garden windows offer a quaint way for light to filter into a basement or first level home. The right window treatments can help you balance the need for privacy with the need for light.

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When buying window blinds for garden windows, determine your priorities. If you live on a busy street, you'll most likely want to add privacy with roman shades or fabric covered blinds that pull down from the top. Most offer a pull cord for drawing the fabric upward when you want some light.

Roman shades tend to be made of medium to heavy fabrics, while fabric blinds come in a range of light crepe or muslin fabrics to heavy cottons. If the window is drafty or you really want to block the light, consider a window covering with a heavy fabric and a lining. For maximum privacy, make sure the window treatments reach close to the edge of the window.

There also are many vinyl, aluminum, or wood blinds with horizontal slats that are ideal for garden windows. Wood blinds tend to be more expensive and may not be well suited for a basement that gets moisture, however.

In a more private setting, the garden window treatment options are sheer fabric blinds, blinds with slats that you will keep raised, and valances that cover just the top and are more decorative in nature.

Window blinds for garden windows range from $10 to $50 or more per window, based on the size of the window and the style. Shop around for retailers that have a variety of standard sizes, as this helps keep the cost down.

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