Consider Garden Windows when Upgrading Your Kitchen

December 28, 2009

Did you know that nearly 10% of your home's value is in the kitchen? It pays to make kitchen improvements and updates to make the most of the value that the kitchen brings to the table. A garden window can pack a major punch in a kitchen investment.

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The most desirable kitchens evoke a homey, warm feeling. Even contemporary or modern kitchens can benefit from any architectural element that adds warmth. The garden window is just the investment to add major charm to kitchens, not to mention the open feeling that makes the kitchen seem more spacious.

While the older garden windows sent shutters of chill, literally and figuratively, to homeowners in colder climates, new energy efficient manufacturing techniques and upgrades to the insulation of glass make this an energy saver rather than an energy waster. In fact, glass packages for garden windows can be upgraded to qualify for the Energy Star rating.

The Energy Star rating not only saves in energy costs in the long term, but it can qualify your garden window for a tax credit if it's a replacement window. Homeowners can save 30% of the cost of a qualifying replacement window up to a maximum of $1,500.

Kitchen upgrades can pay off big in adding value to the home. It's one of the highest returns on home improvement, normally offering up to 90% of the cost in added value to the home.

Upgrading your kitchen with a garden window investment will not only add space, light and warmth to the kitchen, but value to the home - it's a good investment in home improvement.

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